Monday, October 14, 2013

The Children of Adam, Introduction

Introducing a Biblical genealogy project using the mind mapper software FreeMind to chart out the genealogies given in the Bible. I've started with with Genesis and will be working through into the Gospels of the New Testament. My goal is to provide a fully referenced genealogy as a tool for understanding the backgrounds of the people and nations portrayed in the Bible. The work in progress can be accessed at the following link:

There are a few notes that will help in understanding the diagram.
  • Yellow highlights indicate those patriarchs for which ages are provided and can be used later to develop a Biblical age of the earth.
  • Light-green boxes indicate nations/clans/tribes.
  • Pink highlights indicate women.
  • Red arrows indicate marriages.
  • There is a tread of kings or chiefs of Edom, gold arrows indicate where individuals fit into the line of rulers.
  • Light-gray arrows indicate interactions.
  • Clicking on a name will collapse or expand the diagram.
  • Click and drag mouse controls as well as wheel scroll are enabled to zoom and pan.
  • The box at the center of the button cluster at the top left allows for a search.
  • The button cluster at the top center has the following functions in order from left to right:
    • Back
    • Forward
    • Increase
    • Shrink
    • Fit
    • Reset
    • Shadow On (not recommended)
    • Hot Key Assignments
    • Background Colors

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